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About the Program
Tera Byte Outreach is a program designed to promote the intellectual curiosity of young children in the arena of computer programing. In addition to boosting critical thinking and imagination, the camp is fun where kids design and program their own video games. In its first three years, the program has reached 4 schools, over two hundred kids and 2 continents. The social entriprise is self sufficient because of profits from a for-profit camp. Throughout the 3 years the program has had eleven volunteers teach at the schools. At the end of the week, the kids recieve their game on a CD that they can play at their homes. 
You can read more in the Dallas Morning News arcticle about the program.

Request Tera Byte Outreach Camp for your School.

1. Download the Request Form here.

2. Fill in the form with your school name, contact information and Camp Week Requested.

3. Affirm that your school will meet the required conditions for Camp.

4. Scan and email to Camp Director, Jake Galant:


Mail to

Jake Galant,

Tera Byte Outreach

4444 Gloster Road

Dallas, TX 75220


Camps are filled on a first come first serve basis once all forms have been received.


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