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About the Director - Jake Galant

Jake Galant is the Director and Head Counselor of the program.

Age 17, Jake is now a junior at St. Mark's School of Texas where, he is a straight “A” student who participates nationally in debate and on the crew team. 


Michael Mosle


Michael is a junior at St. Mark's. He has been a counsuler for all three years of the program and a head counsuler for the past two years.

Sahil Mittal
Sahil is a junior at Greenhill School who has been involved for two years at the camp. 
Additional Cousulers
Ashton Hashemipour
Avery Powell
Mark Knowles
Adam Klein
Dustin Wilen

Dustin Wilen is a sophomore at Greenhill School, where he has been an Academic Scholarship Award winning student every year. As a freshman he won an award for Outstanding Achievement in Chemistry and was one of just a few students to be selected to take AP Biology as a sophomore. A devoted athlete, Dustin plays both volleyball and baseball for his high school varsity teams. He is also an active member of the award winning Greenhill Advanced Video Production group.


Outside of school, Dustin works as a Senior Instructor at USA Martial Arts in Plano. He received his 1st degree black belt in June 2006, his 2nd degree in December 2007 and his 3rd degree in June 2012. At 12 years old, Dustin was the first and only student in the history of Dallas-based USAMA to earn a 3rd degree black belt before turning eighteen. As a hands-on instructor and trainer, Dustin has enabled over 30 aspiring black belt candidates to achieve their goals.

Dustin has been a regular volunteer at the Seven Loaves Food Pantry in Plano for the last few years. He is an avid reader and enjoys playing video games in his spare time. He joined Tera Byte as a camper in 2006. Over the 8 years he has been involved with the program, Dustin has progressed from camper to Counselor to Site Director for Tera Byte Outreach in 2014. 

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